Read before following any of these instructions listed here: If your SmartBOL support contract has expired, follow these instructions at your own risk. SmartBOL Support does not provide any support without an active support contract. Please refer to support policies at for support policies.

SmartBOL System Settings:

Quick Menu --> Settings

SmartBOL system settings control various operations of SmartBOL software. These include shipment creation, printing and shipment import functionality. There are four tabs on this screen. 

Create BOL Preferences

  • BOL Number Prefix - this text is prefixed to the system generated Straight Bill of Lading number. This setting is not used for 17 digit VICS Bill of Lading number

  • BOL Number Suffix - similar to the BOL Number Prefix, this text is appended to the Straight Bill of Lading Number

  • Default BOL Format - SmartBOL supports several bill of lading formats. Click on the link Click here for BOL Samples to view available formatsSelect a format as your default format. This format will be pre-selected on the Create BOL screen. You may change the format any time.

  • Use Single Screen form to edit BOL - check this box to use single page bill of lading screen instead of tabbed screen.

  • Ignore Weight / Units Tally - VICS Bill of lading only - check this box to ignore weight and units tally on bill of lading screen

  • Count Units instead of Packages - check this box to count units instead of packages for the tally

  • Do not Calculate Weight - weight is calculated by multiplying unit weight in Product profile and units or packages. Check this box to prevent weight calculations.

  • Do not Convert HU to/from Pkgs - handling units to packages and packages to handling units conversion is carried out using the HU conversion ratio in the product profile. Check this box to prevent this conversion.

  • Do not clear HU/Pkgs when Product changes - check this box to prevent handling units and packages value clearing on the bill of lading screen when a product code changes.

  • Calculate Weight using Handling Units - Check this box to calculate weight using handling units instead of packages

  • Overwrite weight when HU/Pkgs change - check this box to recalculate weight when handling units or packages change. By default SmartBOL does not overwrite weight.

  • Auto Consolidate Bills to same ship to - check this box to automatically consolidate and create Master bill of lading when a new bill of lading to the same destination is created.

  • Create Manifest Automatically - check this box to create a new shipping manifest whenever a new bill of lading is created.

  • Include Product Code in Description (For create bol only) - check this box to add product code to the product description when a product is added to a bill of lading

  • Weight in KGs - Check this box to use Kilograms instead of Pounds.

Display Fields

  • Shipment Fields - Select the fields to show on Create BOL screen by checking or unchecking the box next to it. You may also edit the field tag associated with that field. These field tags will be printed on bill of lading form.

Printing Options

  • Top Margin - enter top margin value in inches (such as 0.25).

  •  Preview before printing - check this box to see print preview before printing. Uncheck it to send it to the printer directly.

  • Use Legal Paper (Ocean BOL Only) - check this box to use Legal size paper for Ocean bill of lading forms.

  • BOL and Pro Number VICS Compliant Barcode - Check this box to make BOL and PRO# barcodes VICS compliant

  • Print Country Information - check this box to print country information on the bill of lading

  • Totals by Page (Straight only) - check this box to print totals at the bottom of the bill of lading by page (for straight bill of lading only). If unchecked, the first page shows Grand Totals and additional pages show page totals.

  • Print Freight Class / Weight Summary - check this to print freight class and weight summary on the the bill of lading form

  • Print HazMat Summary - check this box to print Hazard Class and Weight summary on the bill of lading form.

Default Printers

Select printers for different types of documents printed by the SmartBOL software. You can overwrite the default selection at the time of printing that document.

Note that Label Printer printers are specialized label printing printers manufactured by companies like Zebra. Do not use letter or legal size paper printers here.


System Defaults

  • BOL Number - system bill of lading number setting. This number increments when SmartBOL creates a new bill of lading .

  • SSCC Number - SSCC number is used for SSCC-18 labels

  • Number of Bills to Print - Specify the number of copies to print. SmartBOL can print up to 4 copies with individual labels (such as Shipper Copy, Driver Copy, ectc.) or up to 9 copies without labels.

  • No Page Labels - If this checkbox is checked, page labels are not printed on the bill of ladings and up to 9 copies can be printed.

  • Page 1 Label, Page 2 Label, Page 3 Label, Page 4 Label - individual page labels

  • Description field width - Bill of lading description field character width. Maximum number of characters printed in the description area of the bill of lading form.

  • Master and Underlying BOL can have different PRO# - check this box to print different PRO# for master and underlying bill of ladings. Uncheck it to have the same PRO# for all bills.

  • Consolidate line items with same description while printing - Prints single line item for all line items with the same description, handling unit type (such as Pallet), Package Type (such as Box) and (enterprise version only) additional carrier fields. Weight, handling units and packages are added up for all matching lines.

    • Do Not Include additional carrier fields - check this box to exclude the additional carrier fields when finding matching records. Requires Enterprise version

    • Include Product ID - Check this box to include Product ID in finding matching products.

  • Do Not Auto Palletize - Do Not create pallets automatically on the Palletization screen. Requires Enterprise version

HazMat Contact Info

Hazardous material contact name and phone. Please include contract id if you are using third party emergency contact.

Import & Export Options

  • CSV Delimiter - CSV delimiter for Bill of Lading CSV export and import. Bill of Lading CSV import is supported in Enterprise version only.

  • Default Import - Controls the behavior of Quick Menu --> Import button.

    • Classic Version: QuickBooks or Peachtree

    • Enterprise Version: ODBC or CSV

  • Always Export Data - Enterprise version only - Exports data back whenever bill of lading record is saved on the Create BOL screen.

  • Open Preview After Importing - Enterprise version only - Imports Print Preview screen after a record is imported from ERP / ODBC source. Does not validate Bill of Lading record.

Company Information - Information and Logo printed on top of the bill of ladings

  • Use Logo from Shipper Profile - Uses company information and logo from shipper profile instead of the screen

  • Info Line 1 thru 4 - Information printed on top of the bill of lading

  • Logo - logo image printed next to company information. Large logo will not be printed properly. Logo height should be around 50 pixels.


Email Settings

Mail - this email setting is used by SmartBOL to send emails with PDF attachments of bill of ladings.

  • Outgoing Mail / SMTP Server:  Enter the SMTP email server name or IP.

  • Port: Enter port of Select None of  standard port 25, SSL or TLS

  • From Name: This is the name that will appear on the email sent from SmartBOL

  • From Email: This the sender's email address

  • Email User & Password: If your SMTP server requires authentication, enter it here

  • Comma Separated Email List: Enter comma separated email list to send emails to upon saving bill of lading records.

Display Fields - Enterprise version only

  • BOL Fields - 6 additional bill of lading header fields that can be displayed and edited on Create BOL screen by checking the checkbox and editing the field label.

  • Carrier Info Fields - four additional carrier section fields


Warehouse & Imaging - Enterprise Version only

Add Warehouse - add warehouse record (Multi-Warehouse Option Only)

  • Warehouse Code - Unique warehouse code

  • Description - Warehouse description for identification

  • Warehouse List - List of warehouses. Select a record and click Delete to delete a record.

Bill of Lading Image Fields - (Bill of Lading Imaging Option Only)

  • Do Not Save Underlying Bill Images - check this box to save the signed Master bill of lading copy only. Uncheck it to save Master and all underlying bills.

  • Additional Fields mapping - values of these fields will be saved in the image database.