Read before following any of these instructions listed here: If your SmartBOL support contract has expired, follow these instructions at your own risk. SmartBOL Support does not provide any support without an active support contract. Please refer to support policies at for support policies.

Main Menu | Masters | Carriers

Note: There 2200 carriers preloaded in SmartBOL database. Select a carrier by double clicking on the Carrier record from list.

• SCAC*: Select a scac code and press tab to select a Carrier Record.

• Carrier*: Name of the carrier

• Address: Carrier address and other information

• Account#: Account number for this carrier

• Uncheck Inactive Check box & Click SAVE to activate carrier. Only active carriers are listed in carrier drop-down on Create BOL screen.

• PRO Numbers:

Manual: PRO numbers entered manually on the create BOL screen are used as is.


Carrier Screen: Menu | Masters | Carriers: Enter pro number series on this screen. This will be provided by your carrier.

PRO Number consists of three parts: prefix, serial number and check digit. Check digit is calculated using the serial number. Please Note: SmartBOL uses Mod-11 check digit that is used by Yellow Transportation.

SmartBOL currently supports automatic PRO number generation for Yellow Freight, Roadwa, Estes- express and SAIA.

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