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• Product Code*: This takes up to 15 alpha numeric values

• Description*: Product Description

• This is a Product Category: Check this box if it is a Product Category

• Category: Select Product Category

• UPC: Universal Product Code (12 digit)

• SKU: Stock-keeping unit

• NMFC Code and Class: Call carrier to get this information

• Handling Unit: Select Handling Unit type. This can be overridden on Create Bill of Lading Screen

• PKG Type: Select Package Type. This can be overridden on Create Bill of Lading Screen 1HU = x Packages , HU Convesion formula used while importing BOL.

• Weight Per Package: Weight per package. (Use Settings to change to per HUnit)

• WMIT: For Walmart label

• P.I. (Packaging Indicator): Default Packaging indicator for your product. Used for the Walmart Shipping Label.

• Hazardous Material: Check box to designate this product as Hazardous Material



 HazMat Description

 Hazard Class

 Sub Risks



 DOT Exception Units

 DOT Exception Description



 Marine Pollutants

 Limited Quantity


        Inhalation Hazard Zone     

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