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Bill of Lading from Peachtree Sales Order or Invoice


One Time Setup:

On Settings screen (Quick Menu on left à Settings), click on Admin tab and select Peachtree Import option. This sets up the Import button to open Peachtree screen instead of QuickBooks screen.


How to create Bill of Lading from Peachtree Sales Order or Invoice?


Please follow these steps;

1. Open Peachtree Import screen by clicking on the Import link in the Quick Menu (on the left side) or use Menu à Data Import Export à Import from Peachtree.

2. Enter Company File Path such as C:\Program Files\Peachtree\Company\BCS.

How to find Company Path? 

While Peachtree is running go to Help à Customer Support and Service à File Statistics. Company file path is located at the bottom of this screen.

3. Enter Sales Order or Invoice Number and select appropriate record type (Sales Order or Invoice)

4. Select a Shipper from drop down menu. 

If you have not already added any shipper, please add one or more shippers using Shipper Screen (Menu à Masters à Shippers). This step is strongly recommended if you are using VICS format as the UCC code from shipper profile will be used to generate the 17 digit bill of lading number. 

5. All other fields are optional. If you don’t enter any information, you will get another opportunity on the Bill of Lading Screen.

6. Select bill of lading format from the drop down and Click Import BOL to import and display bill of lading screen. If you select incorrect format, you can change that on the Bill of adding Screen.

7. One or more Bill of Ladings will be created and opened in the Bill of Lading Scree. You may add more information and Save or Print the Bill of Lading form.



Options: Following options are available on the import screen.


1. Do Not Import Line Items – When checked, only the Ship to Address is copied from the Peachtree record


2. Use Product Description from SmartBOL Products – when Checked, product description from the SmartBOL Products database is used


a. Use Shipping Category Information – when checked the shipping category information is used to combine similar products.