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A Master Bill of Lading is required when shipment is consolidated. Following are typical cases for consolidation:


1. Multiple shipments to the same consignee,

2. Consignee requests one bill of lading per order or

3. Multi-stop Truckload shipment


Master bill of lading consolidates multiple shipments / bill of ladings into one shipment.


Create Bill of Lading Screen - Master Bill Info Box


Single Bill of Lading - Select this if this bill is single bill of lading

Master Bill of Lading - Select this for Master Bill of Lading.

Underlying Bill of Lading - Select this and a Master Bill of Lading Number

The "auto shipment consolidation" feature searches and consolidate any shipments made to the same consignee on same day. If you do not wish to auto-consolidate please got to Quick Menu à Settings and under User Defaults, check the option which says  Auto Consolidate Bills to same ship to.


Consolidation Screen:


By Default, last 7 days bill of ladings are shown in both grid.


Select one or more Bill of Ladings from the bill of lading grid (lower grid) and Click the Consolidate button. A new Master Bill of Lading will be created using the information from the first selected bill. Order, Carrier, Reference numbers and Special Services information is not used on master bill of lading.


To add a bill to an existing Master Bill of Lading, select a bill from grid, select a master bill of lading number from the drop down and click Add to Master BOL button.