Read before following any of these instructions listed here: If your SmartBOL support contract has expired, follow these instructions at your own risk. SmartBOL Support does not provide any support without an active support contract. Please refer to support policies at for support policies.

Quick Menu -> List Export

Export Shipment Screen:

Search Options:

Record Type: Select the Record Type to select records displayed in the list

      Export Shipment: Displays all Ocean BOLs
     Truck BOL: Displays all Truck BOLs

Status:  Select bill of lading status to select bill of lading records displayed in the list

        All: Displays all Ocean BOLs
        Draft: Displays only BOLs that were saved as draft
        Complete: Displays saved BOLs 

Search Criteria: Select or enter search parameters.


Menu Items:

Edit: Opens selected Export bill of lading in edit mode.

Copies selected Export bill of lading.

   Deletes selected Export bill of lading.

Truck: To create Export Truck BOL


Print Document: Can show Preview for Canada Invoice, Commercial Invoice,  Dock Receipt, IMO Hazmat Manifest , NAFTA Cert of Origin, Ocean BOL, Ocean Sub Report, ProForma Invoice, US Certificate of Origin

Please refer to following for Documents Details

Canada Invoice:  To create Canada Custom Invoice.

NAFTA : To create a new NAFTA certificate of origin for the selected BOL in the list


Dock Receipt: To create Dock Rcpt Invoice.


Common Invoice: To create Commercial Invoice.


ProForrm: To create Proforma Invoice.

 US Certificate of Origin:   To create a US Certificate of Origin for the selected BOL in the list