Read before following any of these instructions listed here:If your SmartBOL support contract has expired, follow these instructions at your own risk. SmartBOL Support does not provide any support without an active support contract. Please refer to support policies at for support policies.

SQL Server database management knowledge is required to perform this procedure.


1. If required, install SQL Server database on new server

2. Test connectivity from the SmartBOL clients to the new SQL Server

3. Open Admin Tool on a SmartBOL client and open Edit Config File screen. Note the current SQL Server database names.

4. Backup current SQL Server database using SQL Server Management Studio

5. On the new SQL server database, restore the databases backed up in step#4

6. On the SmartBOL client, open Admin Tool and go to the Edit Config File screen. Enter the database info, optional user info and test connection. If successful, save the config file and open SmartBOL Enterprise to verify operation

7. Copy this config file to all SmartBOL Enterprise clients or reset the config file using step #6